Secure Media Workflows

A major UK Broadcaster wanted to upgrade from their interim, highly manual file delivery system, to something more automated and scalable.

The product was remade as a cloud native solution, using best practice UX to ease operator workload.


Seamless migration to keep major television services on air

Migrating from a system that didn’t having the optional API available

Overcoming legacy organisation concerns that “the cloud isn’t secure”, during a spate of content being stolen from post-production houses

Technologies & Techniques

EC2 and Lambda for Compute, in both Java and Javascript

Autoscaling with instance protection to ensure long-running tasks completed

Advanced dashboards driven by granular data events

Integration of on-premise storage for near-line caching & delivery of content

Multiple layers of security to protect high-value content

Incremental migration, gradually replacing all legacy functions


Clear dashboard view for operators, highlighting any shows requiring action

The primary team using the system took on additional work, due to benefits of automation

Unifying programme delivery across the organisation, as other teams migrated their workflows

Seamless scaling to cope with delivery ‘peaks’

Operators could work remotely during the pandemic, as it was web-based