We're a technology company, and bring experience and knowledge to our clients - but that's just the first step. Without teams able to build on this, real change can't be delivered.


Key to working well

You can’t innovate without taking risks

Make space to try new things safely

“I don’t know” is a phrase everyone on the team should feel comfortable saying

No-Blame Culture

Avoid repeated mistakes

Achieving a “no-blame” culture is hard, but start that journey

Leaders should assertively own their mistakes: it models good behaviour to their team mates and earns trust


Keeping the teams aligned

Empower people early in the design process

If people are too busy to get involved, break that vicious circle

When consensus isn’t possible, gain acceptance

Team Roles

Avoid over-burdening people

Let people have specialism, it’s rarely possible to know all systems fully

Strive for a full-stack team, rather than focussing on any ‘Rock Stars’

Knowledge Sharing

Keeping everyone informed

Use pairing to help teams share knowledge, and improve quality

Ensure that external suppliers, coach & handover to leave your team better equipped, not dependent

‘Handover’ should be ongoing, never a last minute panic