Technology Change is about more than technical delivery, a broader process wraps around this, and while nobody loves honourous process, Frameworks guide people to do the right thing.

Delivery Management

Purity doesn't win prizes

Your don’t need to be a ‘pure’ implementation of any one methodology

Your implementation needs to be coherent, consistent, & understood

‘Agile’ fails without stakeholder input, time for spikes & iteration

Waterfall fails without proper change control

Products over Projects

Tend to your systems

Your system is never complete

Software, APIs, the ecosystem goes stale over time

Iterating on a working system reduces the need to replace every n-years

Contracts aren't magical

Just because it's written down...

Well drafted contracts are crucial to set the terms of engagement

But something being written down, doesn’t mean it’s feasible to implement

Work with suppliers for easily measurable, definitive goals

Process Overheads

No more than needed

Have enough process to be useful, and no more

Make the right way, the easy way

Beware unintended consequences of rigid rules


Things take as long as they take

Routine long hours are definitively shown to be counterproductive

Remember the Mythical Man Month and be wary of just adding people

Step away from story points and other synthetics for estimates


Show support, without interfering

Be careful when jumping into teams to “help out” during problems

It’s rare that there is an internal ‘silver-bullet’ to resolve things

Reduce scope and WIP to help team recover


Deliver good, without gold-plating

Quality has many properties, different components have different priorities of these

Most are better considered while components are being built

Add just enough quality as you build

Technical Debt

Focus on what's slowing you down

Stop saying “technical debt”, overuse has made it meaningless

Approach patching/upgrading as a “little but often” task

Give teams input into planning, they know what is causing operational or development ‘drag’