We believe in making the most of using the Cloud involves doing more than just lifting and shifting an existing environment.


Delivery beats purity

‘Perfect’ is the enemy of the good

‘Perfect’ might require an API that isn’t available

‘Perfect’ might cost too much due

‘Better but imperfect’ delivers value now

Compute & Devops

Less Management, More Delivery

Serverless is preferred to containers or virtual machines

Managed services are preferred than self-hosted

Automated deployment, ideally with tests, is an essential

Web Apps

User Facing Tools

Should always use Single Sign-On for security and convenience

Should be responsive, and usable on mobile devices

Should work like consumer websites, not legacy applications

Emergent Architecture

Grand Plans rarely amount to much

Software and infrastructure are linked, and influence each other

Architecture design must be balanced, neither all upfront or as you go

Revise as you build and approach new components

Revise as cloud providers launch new services


Invest effort sensibly

Very few organisations are multi-cloud

Abstracting everything to be provider-neutral is additional effort, and makes it harder to use new features

Achieve portability through less code: use (nearly) every service from your provider

Deploy critical components multi-cloud, using common APIs, not common implementations